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19-20 SW3000: Voluntary Work in the Community

Welcome to the Moodle site for Voluntary Work in the Community SW3000
Karl Mason (Course Convener)

19-20 SW5000: Practice Learning I

Assessed readiness for practice in a service delivery setting, prior to undertaking social work practice placements, is a pre-requisite for qualifying social work students in the UK. This course provides the necessary guidance and support to prepare students to undertake their first 70 day practice placement.

19-20 SW5002:Social Policy for Social Workers

Social Policy for Social Work is a first year course for MSc Social Work students. Incorporating sociology and social policy, it provides an understanding of the wider context in which social work is practised. There is a focus on concepts and theory which help to understand social inequality.

The course broken into a weekly 2 hour lecture and links to the weekly integrative seminar.


  • Formative essay plan due on 14th April 2020 
  • Summative essay due for submission by  18th May 2020

19-20 SW5003: Social Work Theory and Practice

SW5003 Knowledge and Theories for Practice

Welcome to Theories and Knowledge for Social Work Practice. This course is aimed at exploring theory and its relevance in contemporary social work practice. The lecture series will introduce the various concepts and provide an overview of some of the commonly used theoretical frameworks. The 4 integrative seminars will provide opportunities to explore the application of theory to practice.


Summative Essay due on 29th April 2019

19-20 SW5004: Law for Social Work

Law for Social Workers Course Overview:

The course runs over the autumn term consisting of 10 lectures and seminars. The overall aim of the course is to provide a solid grounding in a number of areas of law which are necessary to meet the PCF requirements of a newly qualified Social Worker.


The formative assessment for this course will consist of feedback on case study presentations in the seminar groups and two mock exams, one at the mid-point of the course and the other at the end.

The summative assessment for this course is a 3 hour unseen exam (100% weighting) at the beginning of the spring term. The date of this exam will be confirmed at during the autumn term.

19-20 SW5006: Critical Social Work Interventions


See Syllabus for full details


  • formative draft essay due 11/11/19
  • formative presentation built into PBL seminars


  • 9th Dec 2019 - essay (60%)
  • 17th Feb 2020 - presentation (40%)

19-20 SW5007: Research Methods and Dissertation

Key Tasks and Dates:

  1. Review a research paper relevant to your research topic to present to a small group in class - 23rd  October 2018
  2. Submit Dissertation Topic Outline - 30th October 2018
  3. Poster Session 13th November 2018
  4. Submit Dissertation Proposal - 14th January 2019
  5. Submit Dissertation - 1st  July 2019