19-20 GL3901: Independent Geological Field Mapping

Independent Geological Field Mapping: What it means

This project is the opportunity for you to show your abilities and use the knowledge you have acquired in your degree course. Your mapping supervisor will start you off by introducing you to the area and will provide or suggest some background reading. Please take advantage of this help and advice, but do not restrict yourself just to what is provided.

We expect you to show initiative. Seek out relevant literature. Read it. Think about how you might use the observations you make in the field to support your hypotheses. Have you seen air photos or satellite imagery of your mapping area? Can this help you? Sometimes large structures may be easy to see on imagery and not so easy to see on the ground.

Look at published geological maps, papers describing structures and stratigraphy, and anything that deals with field observations. See how other people present their data. Consider if their techniques may be useful for you.