19-20 GL1100: Global Tectonics

Course Summary

1) Introduction to Plate Tectonics

2) History of Plate Tectonics

3) The interior of the Earth: EQ seismology, Composition of the Earth, Crust

4) The interior of the Earth: Brittle vs. ductile deformation, Isostasy

5) Interior of the Earth: Mantle, Core as a Dynamo and Paleomagnetism

6) Mechanisms of Plate Tectonics: Temperature and Heat

7) Mechanisms of Plate Tectonics: Heat Flow

8) Plate Tectonics Geometrically

9) Dynamic aspects of Plate Tectonics

10) Plumes, Hot Spot Volcanism

11) Rifts

12) Divergent Plate Margins

13) Oceanic Subduction Zones

14) Continental Collision

15) Transform Plate Boundaries and Fracture Zones

16) Paleogeography and Wilson Cycle