19-20 EN5118: Fiction Workshop

EN5118: Fiction Workshop (40 credits)
Teaching: Autumn and Spring, three hours per week
Assessment: two pieces of fiction of 5,000 words each

Your workshop for your chosen pathway and seminar for the term will usually be taught on the same day. See timetable here for times and locations:
Part Time students will take Fiction Workshop in the first year.

Tutorials and supervisions are by arrangement.


Dr Eley Williams: Eley.Williams@rhul.ac.uk
Dr Anna Whitwham: Anna.Whitwham@rhul.ac.uk
Ms Nadifa Mohamed: Nadifa.Mohamed@rhul.ac.uk

Assessment (40 credits): two pieces of fiction of 5,000 words each
Portfolios of Creative Work
The first portfolio of fiction will be submitted for feedback at the beginning of the Spring Term. This is a formative submission which means that it is not formally graded. You will receive feedback and an indicative grade. Under the guidance of your tutor, you then revise this work and resubmit it at the beginning of the Summer Term. It is then a summative submission and is formally assessed.

The second portfolio will be submitted for formal assessment, along with a revised first portfolio, at the beginning of the Summer Term.

Deadlines for assessments will be released to students at the start of the year, and will be reflected on the online turnitin submission boxes on the relevant Moodle pages.

Students should submit all written work for assessment online via the Turnitin box at the top of the FICTION WORKSHOP Introduction on the EN5118 Fiction Workshop home page. All work submitted on Turnitin should be anonymous and submitted by candidate number only.

You should make your candidate number the title of the submission, along with the name of your workshop tutor and confirmation of which course you are submitting work for (eg, ‘1809678 Fiction Workshop Portfolio 1 ’). All work is due at midday.

Marking Criteria
Please refer to the MA CREATIVE WRITING HANDBOOK and the document MARKING CRITERIA enclosed in the introduction for this course, for the marking criteria for practical ( creative) work, and important regulations on the style and formatting of written work.

Word Limits
Word limits are there for a reason, so please adhere to them. Work which exceeds the upper word limit set will be penalised. Please do not exceed the word count – precise details of penalties can be found in the PGT Handbook.

Stepped Marking
The essay submitted for summative assessment in the summer term will be graded by using a set of marks with the pattern X2, X5 or X8. This means that a piece of work awarded Merit would be awarded 62%, 65% or 68%. This approach, which is called stepped marking, has been found to help in better aligning grades with marking criteria and for providing greater clarity to students about the standard of their work and how close they are to lower and upper grade boundaries. For example, a 62% represents a low Merit, while a 68% indicates a high Merit.