19-20 BS2550: Neuronal and Cellular Signalling

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The objectives of this course is to explain during the first term how neurons communicate. A detailed account of how the neuronal membrane adjusts its permeability allowing an active and regulated flow of currents responsible for transmitting information. We will then discuss what happens once this "information" reaches the end of the journey.
During the second term, we will discuss more general principles of cellular signaling. These signalling events are essential not only to neuronal cells but to all cells in our body. Thus we will look at these mechanisms from a less "specific" point of view: not restricted to neurons

This course provides material relevant to the third year course in Endocrinology (BS3570) and is a prerequisite for Cell and Molecular Neuroscience (BS3580).

PRE-REQUISITES for this course are: BS1060 and BS1090!