19-20 DT1100: Theatre and Performance Making

Course Overview

This practice-led course enables you to study the wealth of creative and critical processes involved in making contemporary theatre and performance. The course is divided into two main parts:


In the first half (weeks 2-12 of Autumn term) you will encounter a range of approaches to making performance. You will read from devising performance texts and then apply the content to class workshops based around a range of practitioners, companies or performance forms. This could include ways of responding to performance stimuli, simple choreographic exercises, generating a productive workshop environment, organising ideas in performance, using technology, scenography, and other practical means for developing performance work.


In the second half of the course (weeks 1-11

 of Spring term), after two weeks of technical training, you will work in the same seminar workshop groups, studying an individual contemporary practitioner, company or performance form in depth. You will engage with the work analytically and through workshop exploration. Towards the end of this term you will begin to devise a group performance in response to your research and training.

This work will continue into Summer term (weeks 1-2) culminating in a 20-minute performance inspired by your research and performed for your peers.