19-20 MN2205: Strategic Management

The course provides the student with an understanding of the principal theories and modules of strategic management and how to set them in the context of key developments in which contemporary business operates.

The course consists of 20x one-hour lecture (including external guest speakers) and 9 one-hour workshops.
The lectures are used to illustrate the key points under each topic as well as real business examples.
Workshops will be used for case studies and applications of the material covered in the lectures.
The aim of the module is to introduce the student to the way in which a firm can achieve sustainable competitive advantage through strategy.

This module offers the opportunity of meeting guest speakers from several industries. The guest will deliver a lecture in a specific topic related to strategy. All guest speakers are invited and confirmed. However, change of dates is possible due to the guest’s business external responsibilities.

Module aims:

1. To discuss key concepts and debates in the theory of corporate and business strategy.
2. To examine the changing context in which the corporate strategy is formulated and implemented.
3. To illustrate how theoretical debates can be related to corporate strategies via the analysis of case studies covering a variety of industrial settings and situations.