19-20 MU2304/MU3304: Issues in Sound, Music And The Moving Image

This course offers the opportunity to gain an understanding of key historical developments surrounding the use of music in film and other moving-image media, to develop students' knowledge of the technology involved in adding sound and music to such media, to explore the use of music within the broader sonic design of moving-image texts, and to investigate the development of music’s function in creating, or enhancing, ‘meaning’ in various contexts.

*Student Learning Outcomes*
By the conclusion of this course students will be able to:
• describe the key sonic features of the body of moving image examples studied;
• define the theoretical context for the music and sounds studied;
• explain generic aspects of the film music and sound studied;
• give an account of the moving image sound culture that forms the focus of the unit and situate it within the history of the moving image as a whole;
• give an account of the material culture within which the music is embedded, in particular the cinematic apparatus and film exhibition practices used.
• Students will also have improved their skills in reading analytical texts, appraising scholarly views, offering synthetic readings of scholarly disagreements and researching and writing essays.