19-20 MN3615: Entrepreneurship Theory and History

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1. Aims
The course will address how enterprises evolved and how the position of entrepreneurs changed over the centuries under different regimes of state formation, institutional change and moral discipline. Through a set of readings we will examine the way in which theory and history of entrepreneurship developed with a specific focus on institutional perspectives. Illustrative readings will be used to show temporal, geographical and structural patterns that are relevant and important for understanding today’s business world and global challenges.

2. Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, students should be able to:
• Understand the rationale of different theoretical perspectives on entrepreneurship
• Appreciate the significance of historical, political and moral factors in shaping entrepreneurial development
• Assess the importance of geographical and structural issues in entrepreneurship history
• Examine how political and moral institutions facilitate or hinder entrepreneurship under different political regimes and markets
• Compare and contrast different theoretical perspectives on entrepreneurship