19-20 MN3745: Responsible Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurship as the “creative destruction” of existing products or services is one major driver of societal change, be it through the introduction of brand-new ways of communication or through bringing forward a more efficient and effective way to tackle discrimination of ethnic minorities.
This process faces inherent challenges, particular in regard to responsibility and sustainability. This course takes a closer look at responsibility in the context of entrepreneurship and innovation. It introduces the concept of responsible innovation and entrepreneurship and discuss their inherent ambivalence of new ideas and their implementation.
The course combines theoretical and practical approaches. You will not only discuss aspects of responsible entrepreneurship and innovation from a theoretical perspective, but you will develop your own responsible entrepreneurial venture. Through the combination of theoretical discussion, applications to real-life examples, our field trip as, game-based learning well as the development of own ideas, you will gain a more comprehensive insight into the intersection of sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship.