19-20 GG1015: Digital Geographies: Introduction to Remote Sensing & GIS

Digital Geographies provides an introduction to the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Geography. GIS is an important transferrable skill that you can develop during your degree as it is widely used in industry, retail, transport and environmental management. Former students have gone on to employment in local government and Transport for London, for example, or have taken MSc courses on GIS to gain advanced skills. The importance of GIS for a professional career is reflected by the Royal Geographical Society's professional accreditation of Chartered Geographer (GIS), which can be applied for when in employment.

This course introduces the fundamentals of GIS, taught through 10 lectures outlining key theory and 8 hands-on practicals where you get to analyse geographic datasets, including remotely sensed satellite imagery (Physical Geography) and census data (Human Geography).