19-20 MA2024: Creative Social Media

This course introduces students to the basic principles and practices of creative social media.

The course introduces the foundations of a marketing approach to social media, but moves beyond this, focusing on the creative use of social media for storytelling, political campaigning, audience engagement, multiplatform and interactive production.

It will explore creative uses of tools and techniques such as GIFs, live streaming, pre-roll advertising, click-bait, social storytelling, virality and the relationship between image and text on social media.

The syllabus will respond to developments in the creative industries and field of research related to social media. It will ground students in the relevance and significance of social, aesthetic, theoretical, political and historical contexts in which social media operate and provide students the opportunity to develop basic proficiency in the techniques and relevant software packages for realizing and analysing creative projects.

Students will develop an ability to generate and develop social media strategies and production techniques to that respond to a range of different creative ideas – led by themselves and others working across different platforms – and client needs.

They will learn how to translate narrative, conceptual and some marketing ideas into creative social media form.

During the first term, students will be given the opportunity of creating real social media assets for a music management company - https://www.circle8mgmt.com