19-20 AF1205: International Business

Welcome to AF1205 International Business!

The global context in which businesses now operate in has evolved substantially over time. A major aspect of this is globalisation in its various facets, most important of which for international business being changes in the trade environment (e.g. why do nations trade?) and foreign direct investment. This influences the internationalisation strategies of companies - why they enter a foreign market, how they enter a foreign market (on their own, with partners), how they analyse the associated risks, and how they negotiate with governments.


The Course provides the necessary knowledge and theoretical concepts for understanding international business in the form of lectures. Workshops and independent study involve critical evaluation and discussions as well as practical illustrations of the topics involved and include analysing and devising international strategies for multinational enterprises.


Lectures and workshops:

20 x one-hour sessions of lectures and 9 one-hour workshops


Lectures start: Thursday 16th January 2020 (5pm, MOORE-AUD)


Workshops start: Thursday 23rd January 2020



60% Individual essay (max. 1500 words)

40% Group poster presentation (max 15 minutes)


Important Assessment Deadlines:

1.  6th March - Individual Notes Prepared for the Group Poster Presentation

2. 13th March - Poster online submission (40%)

3. 16th April - Essay (60%)


Core Text:

Simon Collinson, Rajneesh Narula, and Alan M. Rugman, (2017). International Business, 7th Edition. Pearson.


Course Leader:

Professor Huaichuan Rui

Email address: huaichuan.rui@rhul.ac.uk

Office hours: 14.00-15.00 Thursdays and Fridays; Office: MX009.


If you would like to email me, we can set up an alternative time to meet.


If you ever need feedback, just let me know.