19-20 MN5063: Digital Media Marketing

This course examines the role of digital media within contemporary marketing practice and its impact on marketing theory. There is no doubting the influence that digital media and the internet have had on marketing practice in recent years. In a relatively short period of time, we have seen significant changes in the way consumers are able to communicate with others interactively. Terms such as 'blogging', 'podcasting', Voice over IP (VOIP) and digital technologies incorporated into products such as digital cameras, the iPod and mobile phones have not only allowed consumers to embrace these new media but have also allowed organisations to develop new markets and strategies to push their businesses forward.

Digital media and the internet will have an impact on the way in which marketing practice will develop in the future. As this technology continues to develop in terms of speed, availability and functionality, even greater opportunities will arise for those individuals who are able to combine traditional marketing insight with a true understanding of digital media, capturing these benefits and articulating them at both an academic and vocational level.

This module will develop both the knowledge and practical experience of digital media and marketing concepts available via these developing technologies.

This is NOT a technical module and as such requires no technical knowledge other than how to use a PC and the internet. The aim of this module is to develop an understanding of the application of marketing tools to engage consumers online and offline via digital media.