19-20 MN3215: Asia Pacific Multinationals in Europe

This course focuses on foreign direct investment by Asian companies in their key markets worldwide and in Europe in particular; it considers the role of Japanese, Korean and Chinese multinationals, and reviews too multinationals from India and Taiwan; and it makes comparisons between Asian international business and other nations.

Students should understand: the characteristics and capabilities of Japanese multinational enterprises generally, including the influence of home country origins; the role of these multinationals in key Asian and North American markets, and in Europe more specifically; the characteristics and capabilities of Korean MNEs, the similarities and differences of Korean and Japanese MNEs, and recent lessons from the growth of Chinese MNEs; the global strategies of Asian MNEs, and their impact on host economies; the forces of economic internationalization and regional integration; theories of international business and their relation to the practical cases of leading Asian multinationals.