19-20 ML2999: Year Abroad Placement: Intercultural Competency and Professional Skills

TheĀ  expansion and refinement of existing linguistic competencies in the relevant target language(s) alongside the development of intercultural competency and employability skills over a nine-month period spent in up to three different language areas. Students are able to choose between academic or employment environments, or opt for a combination of both, to develop the learning outcomes of the module based on their own learning preferences as well as their professional goals and interests. Through their study and/or work placements, students acquire new perspectives on their subject area within the framework of their target language(s) institution and/or employment organisation as well as within the broader socio-cultural context of the country(s) in which they spend their Year Abroad. The challenges and opportunities presented by the immersion in a different cultural context lead to the development of a range of self-management as well as intercultural competency skills in addition to the acquisition of transferable and placement-specific aptitudes. The skillset developed throughout the period of residence abroad is distilled in two complementary reflective exercises produced in the target language(s). These reports require students to consider and evaluate the aptitudes acquired and to articulate the value and applicability of their degree programme in the context of their developing competencies both in their final-year modules at Royal Holloway as well as in their future professional career.