19-20 ML1203: Reading Texts: Criticism for Comparative Literature

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this course, students are expected to be able to:
• Combine techniques of textual analysis and personal judgment to form clearly
expressed critical examinations of literary passages which exhibit a combination of critical reading, independent thought, and a capacity to construct a persuasive argument in appropriate scholarly form. 
• Identify the key critical issues raised by different approaches to reading.
• Identify the key critical issues surrounding comparative practice, including questions of global literature, transationalism and translation, and learn how to deploy different approaches to comparatism.
• Assess the ways in which critical and theoretical texts enhance literary reading.  
• Employ both literary and theoretical texts to address issues in critical practice.
• Isolate and comment upon the most interesting stylistic, thematic, rhetorical and related features of previously unseen texts and compare texts in a mutually illuminating fashion.