19-20 EN5121: Literary Non-Fiction Workshop

EN5121: Literary Non-Fiction Workshop (40 credits)

Teaching: Autumn and Spring, three hours per week

Assessment: two pieces of non-fiction of 5,000 words or textual equivalent each

The workshop will include an exploration of the full range of approaches that non-fiction has to offer. We will encourage you to explore them all, and to draw freely on them in your own work, taking an interdisciplinary approach. We will also teach you how to use the tools and devices of fiction and poetry in the writing of non-fiction. The workshop is also where students present work in progress. You will receive intensive feedback supported by individual tutorials.

 In the autumn term, students will have the opportunity to explore a range of literary non-fiction practices. Working with exempla, which will be read in advance and discussed in class, they will undertake writing exercises, imitation and invention. In the spring term, students will be presenting and critiquing their own creative work-in-progress while continuing to discuss other texts that cast light on the issues that arise.