19-20 DT2415: Cultural Heritage

Heritage involves the recognition of value in survivals from the past in the present moment, and making use of practices, artefacts and milieus inherited from prior generations for present-day purposes. As defined by international agencies, prominently UNESCO, heritage can take on both tangible and intangible forms; it can be both things to be archived or sold, and/or skills to be maintained, developed or neglected. The course considers the relation between heritage and identity. Students will debate the commercialisation of heritage and its marketing and consumption. The course reflects on issues of authenticity, codification and preservation, and studies how heritage is performed and enacted in various contexts. The course investigates questions of ownership and look closely at contested heritage items claimed by different actors and states. Students will examine how artists are subverting normative expectations of heritage, discuss the popularity of television shows such related to heritage and contemplate heritage’s future.