19-20 HS1108: The Rich Tapestry of Life: Early Modern England, Europe and the Wider World 1453-1789

Course Leader: Dr Stefan Bauer
Email: stefan.bauer@rhul.ac.uk
Office: International Building, Room 234 (2nd floor)

Consultation and Feedback Hours: Thu 1.45-2.45pm, Fri 3-4pm, during term time, Term 2 (please feel free to come in during these times, no appointment necessary)

Lectures: Thursday at 12:00 noon, in MOOREAX-LT (Moore Annexe Lecture Theatre)

Seminars: As per your timetable
Group 1: Thu 3-4pm McCREA-0-16 (Stefan Bauer)
Group 2: Thu 4-5pm McCREA-0-15 (Stefan Bauer)
Group 3: Fri 2-3pm McCREA-1-15 (Stefan Bauer)
Group 4: Thu 4-5pm, for the room see your timetable (Jack Sheard)
Group 5: Thu 5-6pm McCREA-0-16 (Stefan Bauer)